How do you create Spot UV Artwork.

Spot UV is a highly sought after technique for printing in a varied assortment of medium; from business cards, flyers, leaflets to even takeaway menus for your local takeaway. In addition to the techniques of spot UV are popular in the area of artwork. However creating Spot UV based artwork can be a complicated process. […]

RGB or CMYK? – Always CMYK For Print!

Computer monitors emanate colour as RGB light, or Red, Green, Blue. By merging these three lights, any imaginable colour of the spectrum can be created. However monitors are incapable of displaying the entire range of these colours. Colour spectrum: RGB or CMYK? When a monitor emanates light, certain wavelengths of the light are absorbed or […]

Rich Black or Plain Black?

When no light is emanating from a computer screen; it is black. This is the only time that a computer can display black. There are a variety of ways to represent black in the print world. ‘Plain black’ is the simplest form of black, it consist of 100% black, or 100K from CMYK. In addition, […]

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