To direct guests to their designated seats at the reception, wedding place cards are a classic and timeless option. These cards, are made of high-quality paper, can be personalized with each guest’s name and table number, lending an air of elegance and sophistication to the occasion.

There are numerous options available for designing and printing place cards. Some couples prefer a simple and elegant design that includes only the guest’s name and table number in a classic font. Others choose more elaborate designs, such as incorporating elements of the wedding theme or colour scheme into the cards.

Using different paper stocks and printing techniques to add texture and dimension to wedding place cards is a popular trend. Some couples decide to use a thicker, more luxurious paper stock, while others choose a more rustic look by using textured or recycled paper. Many brides and grooms choose to add a touch of elegance to their place cards by printing them in foil.

When selecting a wedding paper place card company, look for one that goes well with the theme of the wedding, or that matches the table decor. You can find plenty of designs in our design tool, that suits each and every type of wedding.

Wedding place cards ideas

Here are some creative ways to make custom place cards:

Using a combination of these ideas, you can create unique and creative place cards that will make your guests feel special and ensure a better appearance of your reception.

What should be on a wedding place card?

A wedding place card typically includes the following information:

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