The wedding order of service cards are distributed to the guest when they arrive at the wedding. It’s a wedding ceremony brochure with a step-by-step outline of how the big day will unfold. It contains all the details about the day for the family and visitors, such as how long the wedding ceremony will last, how long the ceremony will run, which hymns the guests can participate in, and so on.

The most essential element of your special day is the wedding ceremony itself. Whether you’re having a traditional or religious wedding ceremony, our order of wedding ceremony templates and design will ensure that everything runs well. We give you customizable templates which you can edit it yourself, and match it with your outstanding wedding.

Creating your own order of service or personalizing it

You can change our well created template or make your own using our online design tool for your exquisite weddings. From civil ceremony order of service to religious order of service, we have all types of wedding order of service templates. You can just upload your own artwork for printing if you already have one, or you can customize our template

What needs to be included in wedding order of service?

The wedding order of service is normally printed on A5 page portrait, but you can choose any page size you wish. It’s a great method to keep your guests updated on what’s going on during your unforgettable wedding day.

An order of service is a very useful booklet to have during a wedding, whether it is a civil ceremony, a religious ceremony, a non-religious ceremony, or a civil partnership.

Here are some ideas of what a wedding order of service will cover:

 –First page

The first page of the wedding order of service usually has three items on it, which you can arrange in any way you wish or that looks beautiful. The three thighs are as follows:

  1. Who is being married.
  2. The name of the wedding location and the address.
  3. The date and time of the next ceremony.

-Inside Page of order of service

There will be more details about what will happen during and after the event. The following information might be added on the inside page of the wedding program order of service:

  1. Entrance of the bride. You can also enter information about the song in this section.
  2. Hymn
  3. Wedding rituals
  4. Prayers (If it’s a religious ceremony)
  5. Blessings (If it’s a religious ceremony)
  6. Readings
  7. Signing the resister
  8. The newly-wed couple exit
  9. Details about the wedding party (optional)
  10. Thank you message/ Credit (optional)
  11.  Include some photographs (optional)
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