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No, you cannot split your final quantity by different Gift Voucher designs or sets, as we have to set up each gift voucher artwork separately for printing, numbering and perforation

For example, you may want to order 1000 Gift Vouchers and split by 2 designs giving 500 each design or set, this is not possible, you would need to order 2 lots of 500 gift voucher printing, so there should be 2 items in your cart with 500 each

We do make this easier for you, once you add the first gift voucher design or set into your cart you will see a duplicate button to the left side, that will copy the first item and the gift voucher options you already selected, so you just need to change the artwork for your Gift Vouchers and change the options if you needed, once done place your order, and we’ll get printing for you and dispatched asap

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