How To Write A Funeral Order of Service

We are here to offer any support we can in times of crisis and sadness. We offer printed Funeral Orders of Service delivered to any UK address, which range from traditional to modern designs, and have been printing these booklets for many years now. We understand that this is hard time for you and we do our best to make sure that this part of the process of organising a funeral is as easy as possible for you. The order of service needs to reflect the person and be of a quality that you are happy with.

Order of Service Booklets Free Design Software – 3 Ways to Begin

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How to write the introduction to the Order of Service, followed by the times and location

Let’s begin with the Order of Service introduction. A funeral is celebration of life, and the gathering of family, friends, work colleagues and social acquaintances to pay respects, listen to your chosed music that has an emotional connection and to have closure with a final goodbye.

What to put on the front cover page of the Order of Service booklet

The first cover page of the funeral Order of Service should be kept as simple as possible. You can include a few details, here’s some examples based on our experience:

The full name of the person, maybe a nickname as well if he or she is known by a different name
A head and shoulders photograph is usually better than a full photo, however this is totally your choice
The birth date and the date the loved one passed away. Remember to use the format of day, month and Year – for example 2nd May, 2020
The date, time and location (address/postcode) of the service
A short message or brief epitaph – this is a short piece of text honouring the deceased person. Technically it can be referred to as text that is inscribed on a plaque or headstone, of course it may also be used in the figurative sense in place on the front page of the funeral order of service.

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How long will it take for my funeral order of service to be delivered?

We can turn around your Funeral Order of Service within 7 days, with the option of an express delivery upgrade.

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How To Decide What To Write in a Funeral Order of Service

You can start with a blessing, or a reading from the ceremonial Head or religious person. Usually, the person conducting the service will assist you all with the running order of service and what should be included. It’s possible to submit personal readings or poems in advance to the person in charge of the service should you seek extra reassurance.
A little background story, a eulogy which can be described as a short speech in praise of someone dear
Some services may break up the service with a hymn, or an additional reading of a poem. This is also the opportunity for family and loved ones to share their favourite stories of the deceased. It’s not unusual for there to be a funny anecdote in these personal stories. Each funeral is unique so of course not every service will include humour, it’s totally up to you.
Committal of ashes – Considered a Christian ritual, a committal service at a funeral is usually associated with Orthodox and Catholic denominations, though not exclusively. It can be described as a graveside ritual at the time of the burial, but can also take place in a crematorium following the on-site cremation, or alternatively at the site of placements for the person’s ashes
Music to close and for everyone to vacate the premises, as the congregation walks out of the room music is played as a memory. There’s no rules with the choice of music, it can be a hymn like “Amazing Grace” but it can also be a candid choice should it be fitting to reflect the personality of the deceased

Choose Which Photograph – Meet With Family and Friends of the Deceased

When you are looking to select the best photo for the front cover, this can be used as an opportunity for family and friends to meet, where everyone can reminisce and bring their photo albums and go through the old collected photographs from over the years. Take some time as a group to consider the personality and character quirks of the loved one. Commonly, it’s is best practice to choose one single photo where the deceased is the main subject – but please don’t worry if there happens to be others in the photo as we can crop them out electronically for you.

Should you any questions you can Send Us A Message online or call 0845 388 1635.

Remember with choosing photos that you are able to add additional photographs throughout the funeral Order of Service. Just a little tip: when scanning the photo image, set the scan settings at the highest quality display, for example, 300dpi. WeLove2Print always double check the images before printing and please be reassured that our system will flag up should an image be has too low a resolution for booklet printing.

What’s On The Inside Pages of the Funeral Order of Service Booklet?

Depending on the length of the service the inside pages will include the funeral service information and can be anything from 2 pages up to 10 – don’t worry it’s easy to add additional pages if required for a longer funeral service. Should you prefer to include additional photographs on the inside pages or cover of the booklet ensure that you have enough pages to do so. You can relax a little knowing every funeral ceremony is a highly personal choice as there is absolutely no exact format or routine to follow.

Example of Writing a Funeral Order of Service from the inside spread
The chosen entrance music – On occasions the deceased will have written in their will expressing the style of funeral they wish to have, from music choice to colour of flowers.
Ceremony introduction and congregation welcome by the chosen Celebrant
A song, hymn, prayer or verse
Personal reading – This can be an anecdote from close family members, or a dear work colleague who shared elements of their working life together
An appreciation of life and a eulogy
A break from the reading for another song, hymn or prayer/verse
Commendation and final farewell
Committal of the deceased
Dismissal of the congregation from the person conducting the funeral service and a blessing to everyone
Exit and walking out music

The Back Page Cover of the Funeral Order of Service Booklet

Here’s a nice idea – Should you and your loved ones decided to choose and print a fairly recent picture of the deceased on the front page, it’s a lovely touch to add an older photograph (or a couple) of them on the back or you can reverse this vice versa.

The back of the booklet is also the best place to add some warm words of thanks from the family, direct family and friends. It’s also recognised as the best place to add details of a chosen charity for donations in memory, as well as the invitation to a wake or refreshments after the service. It’s handy to add directions from the church or crematorium to the chosen venue, plus a mobile number for a chosen member of the funeral party to contact should there be any issues with the travel.

Example wording for the Funeral Order of Service back page, feel free to use or amend as you feel best

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